29 1 / 2013

I swear, sometimes when I’m working here I feel like I’ve never left banking and consulting in the US:

  • Sitting in our board room in Nairobi we review Key Performance Indicators for each department’s annual strategic objectives. They must all align and cascade in order for us to double the business this year. Most of these meetings begin with review of a power point deck.
  • Four hours West of Nairboi, I sit in the branch manager’s office in Litein and we discuss the adoption challenges of implementing Salesforce to a team of staff with varying levels of tech savvy.
  • Back in Nairobi I work with our technical vendor to sketch out use cases for applying payments received by mobile technology. These requirements will be used to finalize changes to the API they’re building for us, and later will be used as the basis for our UAT. 

And sometimes, it is very clear that I’m not in Kansas anymore: 

  • En route to a branch visit we have to slow down on the highway because there are baboons in the road.
  • Every meeting starts and ends with a prayer
  • Relaxing at a happy hour with the team after a day of group meetings with farmers we share a few Tusker beers, some fried goat and head soup. Soup. Made from the goat head. Which actually tasted okay but smelled much too much like the farm for me to try it a second time.